Batch Text Replacer - Search and replace text in multiple files
Batch editing of text files

Quickly and easily edit multiple text files simultaneously

Batch Text Replacer

With Batch Text Replacer (formerly TextMage), you have a powerful tool at hand to edit multiple text files simultaneously. The program contains a variety of powerful features to adjust the contents of text files as needed.

For example, you can number lines or move, remove, insert or replace text sections. You can also remove or insert line breaks, change the encoding of text files and more. All functions can be combined and saved as a template for reuse.

Edit many text files at once

Edit text, lines or whole sections of text in thousands of files flexibly and clearly

Find text in files

Powerful search tool with many filters, regular expressions and export options for search results

Comprehensive functions for editing text

For example, replace, insert or remove rows, line breaks or text etc.

Accurately control the use

Restrict the use to certain areas through the use of flexible, nestable filters.

With Batch Text Replacer you can:

  • clearly search and replace text in multiple files at once
  • batch edit text with reusable profiles
  • edit whole sections in text files (e.g., move, replace, or swap)
  • replace multiple text phrases at once by using CSV files
  • perform line operations (for example, insert, move or delete lines)
  • change the encoding of text files (e.g., convert UTF-8 to ANSI)
  • perform text editing using regular expressions and variables

Versatile text editing functions

The batch processing solution contains many useful functions for flexibly editing multiple text files. For example, for searching and replacing text passages, you have several tools at your disposal; among others you can use a CSV file for this task. By being able to combine all functions together in any order, you can perform very complex text operations with Batch Text Replacer.

The effect of the changes will be shown in the preview in real time. This allows an examination of the result in advance. Changed text sections can be highlighted in color for clarity.

  • Batch Text Replacer containing much more text editing functions than an ordinary text replacer, including Search and Replace, insert, move, remove or swap text
  • Case of text sections is arbitrarily changeable
  • Search and Replace using CSV files
  • Multiple Search and Replace
  • Edit lines e.g., number, indent, replace, insert, swap, move or remove lines
  • Text from a list can be inserted line by line at any position
  • Support for regular expressions
  • Integrated text converter to change the encoding of text files (e.g., convert UTF-8 to ANSI)
  • Remove, modify, or add newline characters
  • Text editing functions can be combined

Batch Text Replacer includes multiple tools to limit the text to be edited. The text area to be processed can be precisely defined by entering a start and end criterion. This is helpful, for example, in order to replace only the text between two HTML tags. You can use the "Repeat" option to process all subsequent areas that meet the specified criteria. Furthermore, it is possible to exclude files, text areas or lines with certain characteristics from the processing, such as lines that begin with a number or a certain term. Area limiter and filters can be nested across multiple levels.

Filter text and limit areas

  • Actions can be applied to all matching areas (e.g., HTML or XML elements)
  • Numerous types of filters: file filter, text filter, line filter, variable filter, area limiter and variable content filter
  • Area to be processed within a text can be narrowed down exactly
  • Filters are flexible nestable with each other

Other functions and features

  • Allows a clearly presented batch processing of large text files (up to a size of 40 MB and two million lines)
  • Full network support
  • Changes made can be undone using the zip backup
  • Extensive filtering options for files (e.g., based on the file size or encoding)
  • Importing files with long paths (more than 260 characters)
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Support for Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16, etc.)
  • Settings made can be saved as profile for reuse

Examples of use and step-by-step guides

Search and replace text in multiple files